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Digital Marketing and Facebook Advertising

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Digital Marketing
& Facebook Advertising

Digital Marketing for Technology Startups.

We design and execute Go-to-Market Strategies for launching your products and services online.

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We design and execute Go-to-Market Strategy & Digital Advertising. My team works best with startups in the Medical Technology, Financial Technology and Business Coaching industries.


Get It Done Already!

Ready, Set, LAUNCH

We helped business coaches launch their products and services quickly using Facebook Advertising.  Want to build your brand awareness? Great! We have customized solutions for YOU because our team understands that your goals and vision are as unique as you are.  Our promise is that we will work 1-on-1 with you, to make sure every marketing puzzle piece fits so that the entire picture will come together with dazzling clarity.


Unique system for fixing Broken Funnels

We bring clarity to your funnel strategy

Funnel Strategy is very effective for established businesses who want to bring in more leads and churn out bigger sales. Working with a staffed company allows our team to set up a winning strategy that presents your best products . Stay focused on your targeted audience and we’ll handle the rest.


Dominate your Organic Search Terms

SEO for Businesses

SEO is vital in the modern market where sales are directly correlated to accessible and visible online content.  One properly optimized article can have more impact on your business than 50 articles drifting aimlessly through internet space.  We ensure that your business has a powerful online presence using leading edge. Using our systematic SEO practices, you will rise to the top.  We stay up-to-date with the latest trends that WORK because we want to ensure that you will never fall into a trap with Google.  Only White Hat practices are used here so any bottom feeders looking to crack the system need not apply.


Micro C Facebook Ad


We developed a unique system to maximize eyeballs, clicks and conversions. But here are the actual people who get this done. Day in and out. We grind out this stuff because without our amazing team of Moms, coffee guzzlers, yogis, creatives, and all around cool people; we are just digital geeks. Most of us grew up with the internet in our hands. In fact some of us were beta users of Facebook and Twitter. We have worked with over 200+ clients and have taught thousands of business owners about structuring their digital marketing efforts.

Since our founding in 2010, we have grown to an international presence. We manage and design projects that have impact around the world. Although we specifically work with clients that are the right fit fit us, we are happy to discuss your project or marketing dilemma over the phone. We are built as a remote team that travels to wherever we are needed. You can learn learn more about each team member below.

  • Successfully pivoted from Web Design to Digital Marketing Agency in 2015

  • Collaborated on over 50+ design projects including brand redesigns and Social Media Campaigns

  • Created Ads that have reached over 5+million views

  • Average 220% ROI on Advertising Campaigns that we manage from CRM to Landing Pages

  • Business has been transacted in 5 continents

A successful Ad Campaign starts with having a desirable product or service.  But what good is an amazing product or service if no one knows about it?  It’s like a flashy car with no engine.  If you want to go places, put the marketing engine into the car and accelerate toward your goals!  Print ads are as outdated as using a key to start the ignition.  Digital marketing is the push button ignition of the advertising world—modern and seamless. 

With so many places to advertise, your audience is bombarded daily. How can YOU stand out?  In the world of marketing, your business has to ZIG while others ZAG. You must identify your market niche and streamline it with effective marketing tools to distinguish your company from the rest. Your brand depends on it.

As a business owner, you are responsible for sales and you literally cannot afford to slow this process down.  From cold to HOT leads, your goal is to convert as many leads to sales as possible.  When you are able to move fast and launch quickly, you will always succeed.  At Digital Envy we turn business coaches into success stories with our customized systems for swiftly and effectively launching their products and services online.

EricCEO & Founder of Digital Envy
Eric is our leader in the trenches. You will find him involved throughout the entire process of creating your amazing ad campaign.
Micro C Imaging
Savannah Children's Choir
Strategy Rx
Actor's Fast Track
Red Elephant


Eric helped us generate over 600% ROI on a Facebook ad campaign that we ran for two weeks

I have doubled my email list in a year. We had to hire new sales people and I am swamped with leads!

Valorie Hubbard - Owner of Actor's Fast Track™Valorie Hubbard, Actor's Fast Track™

Eric has helped us reach students and businesses using Target Audiences that we never could have done before.  Now we are able to launch into new markets faster than ever before.

Cale Hall - Creative ApproachCale Hall, Creative Approach


Our Headquarters is in Atlanta, and we travel the world to drive business.

Get in touch with Eric and he will get you started

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